Sunday, October 23, 2016

How to make curly felt hair for a doll

It was a challenge for me to make curly felt hair for a doll. Not easy, but I found a way. I searched on the Internet and all the pictures and the tutorial I found were not  for my project. So, I made my own curly felt hair. Here it is an easy tutorial with pictures. Maybe it will be useful for you too. 

You will need: a ruler, needle and brown thread, brown felt, a pencil or a no 6 hook. 
Cut one very long brown felt stripe or cut two stripes if you need long hair. 

Make a know and sew the corner of the stripe. 

Wrap the stripe around the hook just 2 times.

Sew the both stripes together ...

and make a knot on the second one to secure the thread and to prevent to unfold the stripe. 

Wrap more ... 

... and sew the stripes two by two, making on every line a knot. 

You will have something like in the picture. 

Take out the hook and you have curly hair. 

Let the stripe to twist itself. Sew it on the doll.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Personalized doll after a picture

If your kid is drawing a doll or a toy and you like it, you can transform it into a real plush toy. It is very easy: take the drawing, make it bigger, make a pattern on a paper, cut the pattern, cut the felt using the pattern pieces and sew them together. It could take a couple of hours and this toy could be a great gift for your kids. 

If you can not make a personalized toy like this, order one My Etsy Shop - Child art Customized Toy
Send me a picture and I'll try to do a toy exactly like your picture. 

This time it was hard to make her curly hair. 

The doll is made from felt and have polyester inside. It is sew by hand. 

Have a nice day,

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cross Stitch Christmas Motifs

Christmas in ... August. Done with these five cross stitch Christmas motifs. They are designed by me. I'll think to post my chart here. I want to transform them into felt ornaments.

Do you have a project for Christmas?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Personalized Monogram Cross Stitch Ornament

If you want to buy them, please visit My Etsy Shop Personalized Monogram Ornament
But if you want to make them, this is a very easy tutorial about how to make an ornament with a stitch monogram. Even if you already know the cross stitch stitches or you choose just to sew with simple line stitches, a monogram ornament can be a great gift for somebody. You can attach it at a present box or to make a package for Xmas time.

Materials you need: felt, aida, white fabric, thread and needle, scissors, ribbon, polyester filling, pins.
Sew a cross stitch monogram on aida. Cut around it but be careful to leave an edge ( 1 or 1,5 cm)  to can sew it. Cut heart shaped ornament - 2 felt pieces and one fabric. Make a square in the middle of the front felt heart. Be careful the window you make to fit to your monogram, not to cover it, not to be bigger. 

Fix with pins the aida between the white fabric and felt. 

Sew the interior of the square. Cut and trim the surplus aida or fabric. 

Sew the edges of the felt heart. Don't forget to place the ribbon and to sew it. Before to close it, fill with polyester.

You are done. Your ornament is finished. You can use them for Christmas time or for other occasions. 
You can sew not only letters, but a Christmas symbol,  a sign, a flower or a bird. Depends on your imagination. 

Happy sew.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Three Little Pigs Felt Story Book

Three Little Pigs is a story that I like it very much. I wanted to make a book for it. Because I don't like the sad end, I changed it, so the wolf could take a shower in the pig's big pot. If you want to buy my felt quiet book, please visit My Etsy Shop - Three Little Pigs Quiet Book

Why a book from felt instead of printed one?
1. It is soft and colorful and the kids like to touch and feel the material.
2. It has detachable items and you kids can move them and develop their fine motor skill - to use buttons, to hang on with hook and eyes, to fit the snaps or the Velcro.
3. A felt book gives you opportunities to tell the story and to play in the same time. Use the pigs and the wolf to create memorable stories.
4. You can use it for additional activities: counting, recognize the colors, play I spy ..., talk about vegetables and fruits, about gardening.
5. You can take it with you anywhere: when you go to doctor and have to wait to long, when you travel by car or by plane, at the church or just to play with it home.

My book is made from felt. It has pockets to hide and place the wolf, the pigs, the fruits. The fruits have different closure system  - hook and eyes, snaps, buttons and the roofs have Velcro.

Look at my pages:

Pages 1 and 2 - A bush shaped pocket to hide the wolf. Take a tour in the pig garden to talk about eggplant.

Pages 3 and 4 - A wood house and an apple tree. You can pick up the apples and place them in the basket. 

Pages 5 and 6 - The bricks house and a pear tree. And just a little hedgehog in the corner. 

Pages 7 and 8 - A plum tree with snaps. The final page is the one where the wolf could take a shower. Place the fire and the shower to help him. They don't have any Velcro because it is your choice to use them or not for this story. 

The covers - The front one has the title, but you can ask for writing a name. The back cover has just a mushroom. 

You can use pages individually or as a book. You can use it at home, for homeschooling or at kingergarten. 


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bunny Felt Board with Hopscotch

Felt board for pretend play. 
Two little bunnies want to play hopscotch. They have a mat with one hopscotch and a picnic place. 

They are made from acrylic felt. The size for the bunnies is 7.87 inches (20cm).

The have some food to eat: one cabbage, 3 carrots and 3 strawberries.

You can buy them in my Etsy Shop.


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bunny Soft dolls for pretend play

My 9 years daughter loves to play with tiny dolls. I was inspired by her toys and her pretend games. I amde these 2 little bunnies that go to bed. Their name are Ruby and Lily. Ruby has a story book and Lily has a Teddy Bear. (Every little girl has a Teddy Bear, right?)

They are suitable for 7-10 years girls because they have small parts: the book and the Teddy Bear.

They are made from acrylic felt and their beds are made of felt and fabric. The size for the bunnies is 7.87 inches (20cm). You can buy them in My Etsy Shop.


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