Sunday, December 20, 2015

Name Heart

These hearts are made as Christmas ornaments, but I think they could be used for Valentines too. I made them from colorful felt and I stuffed them with polyester.




Cross Stitch and Felt Ornaments

Red and green, white and blue and purple. Winter colors for my ornaments. I sew some cross stitch motifs on them, then I sew on the felt.

Merry Christmas !


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Felt Christmas Tree

I made a felt Christmas tree for a kid. It has 39,37 inches (1 m) and it can be hang on the wall. I sew some ornaments for it: a star, 3 round ornament, a reindeer, a Santa and a bell. Some of them have Velcro on the back. I attached some colorful buttons on the tree.

Merry Christmas! 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Quiet activity book

I made another brand new quiet activity book. It's made from colorful felt and it is for preschool kids.

The cover - I wrote a boy name because his mother wanted to.

Pages 1 and 2 - Counting beads from 1 to 10.

Page 3 - Apples in the tree - I used hooks& eyes to hang on the apples. 
Page 4 - A ladybug with 4 black dots; you can keep the dots in the pocket.

Page 5 - Match the colors.
Page 6 - Match the shapes.

Page 7 - Make an ice cream with detachable ice tops.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Participanti si castigator concurs Carte Dinosaur Train

Concursul Carte Dinosaur Train s-a desfasurat in perioada 30.08-01.09.2015 pe pagina de facebook Ema Decorations. Participantii sunt:

Participanti concurs carte Dinosaur Train - 30.08 - 01.09.2015
Nr crt Numele participantului Like paginii Ema Decorations Share pozei de concurs
1 Simona Ciirjan x x
2 Patrizia Sibell x x
3 Bonnye Katherine x x
4 Ignat Mihaela x x
5 Ivona Szabo x x
6 Brustur Salagean Emanuela x x
7 Tunde Pintilie x x
8 Anca Ioana x x
9 Claudia Bulzan x x
10 Raula Bgn x x
11 Simona Anca Ailisoaie x x
12 Monica Ghita x x
13 Cosereanu Mihaela x x
14 Groza Claudia x x
15 Usurelu Daniela x x
16 Marton Anda-Viviana x x
17 Denisia Man x x
18 Mihaela Lazar x x
19 Parvu Roxana x x
20 Kinga Bernadette Badeanca x x
21 Cristina Stan x x
22 Daniela Martin x x
23 Lory Perju x x
24 Iacob Irina x x
25 Ana Harsan x x
26 Diana Novak x x
27 Tordai Zszuzsanna x x
28 Vasilescu AnaMaria x x
29 Doua Fete Cucuiete x x
30 Alexandra Iarca Gradinaru x x
31 Azamfire Monica x
32 Cristina Tanasescu x
33 Roxana Andreea Tarita x
34 Irina Marin x
35 Mihaela Popa x
36 Angela Saplacan x
37 Mirabela Teanc x
38 Negrea Dorina x
39 Groza Cosmina x
40 Cristina Boros x
41 Dora Macean x
42 Camelia Tuzlaru x
43 Gabriela si Cristian x
44 Mirela Cheita x
45 Liviu Dragos Matei x
46 Maria Matei x

Castigator concurs Cosereanu Mihaela

Va astept in continuare pe pagina mea de facebook si pe blog.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cross Stitches Brooches

I love to make cross stitch. This time I made some brooches with traditional Romanian motifs.

I sew the motif and then I glued it on a wood button. I attached a pin brooch on the back 

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