Sunday, November 2, 2014

Frozen name banner for girl room

I made another Frozen inspired banner for a little girl. I used colorful felt in assorted colors. Every letter is almost 4.13 inches (10.5 cm ). I made an Elsa and an Olaf for the ends of the banner.

It can be a great decoration in a girl's room or a birthday party banner. Hang it on the wall or on the door. 

You can buy a personalized one, visit My Etsy Shop


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cute little snowman from felt

Cute little snowman, Olaf from Frozen. I made a statistic for it: 6 types of felt, polyfill, 6 kinds of threads, 2 kinds of beads, scissors, 3 hours.

Every part is carefully cut from felt. The snowman is sew in layers, piece by pieces with assorted threads. 
It could be a Christmas ornament or a winter decoration for your kids room. I used it for a banner with a name. 


Monday, August 4, 2014

Crochet Bear Bag

My 8 years daughter loves Teddy Bears. I made this bag thinking at her love for the bears. It's an easy project. You can buy it in My Ravelry Store or in My Craftsy Store. Use what kind of yarn you want and attach a contrasting flower. Don't sew the bag between the ears, leave a space so your girl can put some stuff inside.

Because the first one was a gift for a little girl, I had to make another one for my daughter and I used light brown yarn for the bear and I attached a pink bow.

If you have any question, leave a message.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hen Shaped Book - pattern

Cute little hen with 3 chicken. I made a hen shaped book for kids. It is suitable for 3-6 years old kids and you can make a lot of activities.

Activities you can make with this book:
1.      Talk about the family
2.      Talk about the farm and the animals from the farm
3.      Talk about the life cycle of the chicken
4.      Teach your kids about “inside” and “outside” and play with the chicken inside and outside the nest
5.      Create a short story or a song
6.      Play “I spy …”

7.      Take the book when you travel by plane or you are in a visit

Cozy in their nest.

 You can buy the pattern and make your own book:
Craftsy Store
Etsy Store

If you have any question, leave a comment. I love to hear your feedback.


Friday, July 4, 2014

Lavender Link Party

I love lavender. I love its perfume and its color. Do you? If you have a cute and simple project or a complicate one, a free or a paid pattern, a crochet or a sewing one, join me to this link party with Lavender.Let's make a beautiful collection with your art. Share it on your page.

1. Link only with your blog, not with your Facebook, Etsy, Ravelry store
2. Link your project with fiber, paper, plants or something else, but related to the Lavender theme.
3. Please link only your handmade creations below.
4. Promote the Lavender Link Party on your blog, website, Facebook page, Twitter and so on.

Lavender Cross Stitch Chart

I love lavender, its perfume and its color. These days I have tried an old passion: cross stitching. I learn it when I was in 7th Grade. Now I make these simple design for some perfumed items: a card, a sachet and a bookmark. I used my daughter's markers and I made a chart for this pattern. You can download it HERE

The sachet is made from aida and has another sachet inside filled with lavender.

I sew the lavender on aida, then I sew aida on the felt. I put some lavender seed under it. Smells wonderful!

I hope you like my project and my pattern. Leave a comment if you have a feedback. 
Thank you. 

Shell Crochet Necklace

Keep your shell treasure in a necklace. Make a holder, a cover for your beautiful shells. It's easy and it takes 30 minutes. I chose some medium shells, almost 5cm / 1.96 inches.

I used a very thin cotton thread and hook no 1.75 mm / no 4 USA / no 2 UK.

r1 - chain 10, sl stitch to make a ring

 r2 - ch 1, 12 sg into the ring, sl st in the first st

 r3 - ch 2, 2db into the next st, ch 1, sl st into the next st (this is the firs petal) - repeat 5 times - you have 6 petals

 r4 - sl st into the first 3 stitches from the first petal and you are in the top of the petal; now make *ch 5, sl st into the top of the next petal*;  repeat between **

r5 -r6 - ch 2, 4 db into the chain space, *ch 3, 5db into the next chain space* - repeat between **, sl st into the first ch

r7 - ch 2, 2db into the chain space, *ch 3, 3db into the next chain space*, repeat between **, sl st in the top of the first chain. Continue to make a long chain, as long as you want to be your necklace.

Happy summer!


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