Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bunny Soft Dolls for Pretend Play

My 9 years daughter loves to play with tiny dolls. I was inspired by her toys and her pretend games. I made these 2 little bunnies that go to bed. Their name are Ruby and Lily. Ruby has a story book and Lily has a Teddy Bear. (Every little girl has a Teddy Bear, right?)
Take with you and you go to bed. Pretend to be a story teller and invent short stories for your kids. When you spend time with your kids, you make them feel safe, make them feel important, you create memories. 

They are suitable for 6-10 years girls because they have small parts: the book and the Teddy Bear.

They are made from acrylic felt and their beds are made of felt and fabric. The size for the bunnies is 7.87 inches (20cm). You can buy them in My Etsy Shop.


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